Your vehicle is fresh straight out of a windshield replacement shop with new auto glass. It means you’re good to go, right? You left your car in the hands of professionals. It means that they did the job properly.  

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Not every windshield replacement shop is certified and fully equipped to perform auto glass replacement services. A couple of shops even utilize low-quality windshields for the job.  

A poorly installed auto glass presents severe safety risks. Thus, it’s important that you do not take it lightly.  

Windshield replacement is a unique service that requires an experienced and trained crew. The South Carolina windshield repair shop needs to meet a couple of criteria. This includes certifications, tools, equipment, and licensing.  

As a car owner, it’s your job to immediately check the windshield after the job. It’s the only way you can guarantee the safety of your car and your passengers.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of signs that indicate a poor windshield replacement job.  

You Did Not Hire a Professional 

The worst thing possible that you can do is to hire a relative or a friend to install the windshield. A couple of car owners even do the job themselves.  

Aside from compromising your safety, a DIY windshield replacement job can possibly void the manufacturer warranty of the car and your insurance policy.  

Leaks on the Edges 

Before you leave the windshield replacement job, you need to ask the technicians to spray water around your windshield’s edges. It is an indication that the crew did not utilize enough sealant on the frame if water seeps into the car or if the auto glass fogs from the inside.  

To guarantee that the crew installed the windshield properly, water should not enter inside your car during the water test. Your windshield should stay dry inside and show no indications of fogging.  

Windshield Is Not Flush 

Professionals use the term “flush” if the windshield fits properly on the frame of your vehicle. Therefore, if your windshield is not flush, it’s a major red flag. It means that the windshield replacement shop did not use the right windshield size for your vehicle.  

The new windshield needs to be the exact match to your car’s frame. The technicians should not make any adjustments to it in order for it to fit.  

Adhesives are Still Intact 

An experienced professional will get rid of the adhesive from your old window seal before they install the new windshield.  

Thus, if you notice that your old adhesives are still intact after the shop installs the new one, it might mean that they did not do a great job.  

Uneven Frame Mold 

Check the molding around the glass frame of your new windshield. If you notice any unevenness to it, the shop did not do a great job at installing your new windshield. This is particularly true if you notice a lot of bumps.  

A proper windshield replacement job should have even and clean molding.