Physical therapy is often in conflict with the term physiotherapy since both terms pertains to the same approach.  

Let me get this straight. The two terms are the same! 


Both terms are each other’s synonym and the notion of the two being different is due to the region or location the terms are used. In countries like, Europe, Australia and Canada, the practice is known as physiotherapy. On the other hand, the term physical therapy is the term used in the United States.  

Practitioners sometimes lean into the idea that physiotherapy is more focused on a therapy done manually. This means that the help is done through an approach using hands on mechanism. The therapy includes stretching, mobilization of the joints and others.  

On the other hand, other practitioners focus more on introducing exercises for the approach. The process focuses on giving the patient instruction to give more attention to muscle strengthening, balance focused routines and routine that helps in improving coordination of the body.  

Whatever the approach a practitioner is leaning towards, both terms can still be interchangeably used.  

The therapy is focused on making sure that injury is prevented, flexibility is improved and when it comes to pain concerns, pain management is provided.  

Most people who visit physiotherapists and physical therapists visit because they have injuries they need to recover from. Common problems include concerns with the back area and neck area. Other concerns may be because of mobility issues due to injuries from accidents, injuries from sports, athlete concerns regarding improvement on movement and people who have issues regarding their ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles.  

Physiotherapy and physical therapy also help in cases that are chronic. Since chronic illnesses prohibits movement overtime, the need to go to therapy helps in making sure that overeat will not be inhibited in the future. Through therapy, you can regulate the movement of your body and help your muscles not to deteriorate.  

People with conditions of the heart or arthritis are also candidates for this type of therapy. Often, people with heart conditions or people with arthritis are prone to the belief of not exerting force or effort into activity that are strenuous. Due to this, the condition they are in often worsens. This is due to lack of movement.  

Inactivity when having arthritis or heart does not help in improving the health condition the individual is in. The approach advised is actually movement. Exercising with the assurance that the activity is within the individual’s coping mechanism is what should be followed. To help in releasing hormones that help with the healing process or relieving pain, exercise is needed. 

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